Chairman’s Speech

Only human beings have potentialities on this earth. Human beings are only civilized among animals. By practice of various culture human beings express their intelligence and creativity. We are undoubtedly the greatest and glorious cultural nations. We need to create human beings with humanistic and moral values to arouse the practice of creativity and gentleman ship among our younger generation of students.

Everyone wants an ideal academy to create moral and human values. Ideal schooling helps students develop dormant talent, only just in education, but also in encouraging healthy culture practices. We need to be aware of patriotism of the human unplanned human beings without the influence of culture.

Nilsagor Group’s unique endeavor and care has already made it into the mind of the Nilphamari masses.

I am very glad to know that Nildarpan magazine-2019 is going to be published firstly with the writings of the teachers and students- tales, poems and jokes. The publication of annual magazine is a noble initiative.

My sincere acknowledgement and thank to all who have helped in different stages to publish the annual magazine Nildorpan-2019.

May Nilsagor Cadet Academy be able to fulfill the expectation of the people of Nilphamari and the Northern masses.

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Vice Principal’s Speech
vice pricipal

Education is the backbone of a nation. And good education is a must to strength the backbone of a nation. Again increasing of brilliancy and creativity of the students is essential for good education. So, the exercise of literature and culture is a must to increase the creativity . Annual magazine consists of literature –cultural exercise and creativity of the students. It is the mirror of all the activities of an institution.

Students’ brilliancy will express through literature and cultural exercise. The children are the future leader . One day they will play a role in the development of our country. Ideal, creative and talent persons are essential for a developed country and nation. And an ideal institution is a must to establish these talent persons because educational institution plays a vital role to make an ideal person from children.

For this reason, the importance of games and sports, literature and cultural exercise is essential with regular studies. And literature is the different kind of feelings and imaginary artistic expression of human beings. Literature and cultural exercise teach us the ability of leadership, justice and creativity.

The fresh intelligence of the students is certainly praiseworthy which are written in the annual magazine “Nildarpan-2019’’-rhymes, poems, jokes, composition and hand writings. I believe that this annual magazine will get an acknowledgement as total activities of our institution and the humanity of the students will be expressed by this magazine .

In fine, I feel proud and thank of all the persons who are related with the publication and the edition of the magazine and all the well-wishers of Nilsagor Cadet Academy.

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